Swing Shift
Your home for a cappella vocal jazz !!!

Welcome to the Web home of Swing Shift, your favorite a cappella vocal jazz group.  Well, we don’t really have to be your favorite.  There are many wonderful vocal jazz groups, and we are happy to be among such august company as Sixth Wave, The Real Group, New York Voices, Vybration, Clockwork, and going back a bit: Beachfront Property, The Singers Unlimited, The Hi-Los, and The Four Freshmen, all of whom have left their indelible marks on all who came after, and from each of whom we have drawn much fond inspiration. 


There is a rich legacy of vocal jazz for which we are grateful, and we hope we can add some small amount of pleasure to those of you who love it as we do.  We are Swing Shift, and we aren’t kidding.


Check us out.  Learn about us and our music.  Find out who we are and what makes each of our singers sing.  See where we’re performing.  Come and see us and hear us.  We are dedicated to making you glad you did.


So Cool...

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